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Go Learn


I’ve recently decided to pick up learning the Go programming language. Why Go? I don’t remember why. But I think I was interested in beefing up backend services for some of the webapps I deploy. Plus, the Gopher is kinda cool. Also, the language itself is very easy to read in a Ruby type way.

The one pain in the ass thing about Go is that, as of now, the resources for learning it are few and far between. So I figured, “Hey, why don’t I just write about the things I’m learning?” So, hey, I’m doing that.

I’ve started a repository on github, benwoody/go_learn. There, I plan on adding the code example I will be writing about in this very blog!

So as a first post on my Go learning journey, I present to you a list of Go learning resources!

The end result of this is to show my progression of starting at the beginning (Hello, world!), all the way up to more advanced Go topics… whatever those may be.